Technical Support


As technologies evolve and businesses add critical processes, systems and business services, the consequences of network failures increase dramatically. Our offers of administration and maintenance support services facilitate a quick and effective resolution of problems, through technical assistance specialists, with options for replacement of parts or equipment.

This allows you to experience the benefits of increased availability of services while reducing operating costs. Certified engineers in different technologies are available to support your business diagnosis and perform failure resolution tasks. Today, the acquisition of a maintenance contract is vital for organisations that are aware that IT&C systems are essential.

Components of the Service

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Technical support in the site

Technical support on the site includes the resolution of reported incidents on the site that, due to their nature, require the presence of a certified engineer. This service is activated on request.

Remote support based on web

In cases where incidents do not guarantee the presence of a certified engineer, Softnet can respond to requests remotely using WebEx. Service, through which a personal computer connected to the client’s LAN can be accessed to resolve the issue.

Remote support telephonic route

Telephone support consists of advice and resolution of incidents through a telephone call initiated by the client.

Parts Replacement (RMA)

The RMA (Return Material Authorization) is the process by which a defective device and/or part whose solution guarantees the replacement of parts. Returns of defective parts must be sent to the manufacturer’s warehouse within 5 days after receipt of the hardware replacement.

Returns must match exactly the number, type, and serial numbers associated with the RMA transaction.


Resolution of faults

The failure is corrected by making changes to the software, database, or system hardware. In case it is related to the hardware, the defective part will be identified and the maintenance staff at the site will receive the appropriate instructions.

Ascending communication of problems

In the event that regular technical staff are unable to resolve a failure on their own, such failure shall be reported to the manufacturer’s TAC, where the tests will be carried out and technical monitoring will be carried out.

Technical assistance

Remote support, advice and instructions will be provided to relevant staff to identify and correct the reported problem.


Any errors or requests for service should be reported to the Softnet Customer Support Center. The reported failure will be assigned to a specialist, who will respond within reasonably agreed response times, depending on the level of service contracted.

  • Gold service level: 7x24x4.
  • Silver service level: 8×5 NBD (next business day).
  • Bronze: Service on request in service coordination.
  • Maintenance contracts with customized service levels.
  • Incident resolution reports.
  • Replacement of equipment and/or damaged parts.
  • Technical report on diagnosis and resolution of incidents.
  • Recommendations to prevent failures.
  • MOP (Method of Procedure).
  • Access to highly qualified personnel.
  • Reduced service downtime.
  • Improved fault resolution capabilities.
  • Increased availability of your technology platform.
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