Software Engineering

Software Engineering

In today’s age where information is the most important asset of organizations, there is a need for business applications that allow business processes to be modeled, so that organizations can perform their daily tasks automatically and with high levels of productivity and quality of service, so that the information is always available at the right time for the right person. The service of software engineer, helps companies to determine which are the business processes that require automation and through methodologies and computer technologies, to model such processes through a business application made to measure or adapted to the needs of the business.

Some of the applications and services that can be obtained are:

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP applications.
Business intelligence or BI.
Data analysis.
Process management.
Managerial information systems.
TCP/IP based applications.
Applications for securing logical infrastructure.
Real Time Monitoring System.
Systems for WEB platforms.
Applications for information backup.
Systems of virtualización for Hardware.
Collaborative systems.
Private cloud computing.
Systems of Administration of content.
Integration of applications with legacy systems.
Migration and improvement of legacy systems.
Application support and continuous improvement.
Rescue of software projects.
Lifting and elaboration of prototypes.

The benefits of the service are:

  • Development of custom applications.
  • Application migration support.
  • Application recovery.
  • Application migration plans.
  • Process automation.
  • Increase in the availability of information.

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