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Develop a business strategy that allows aligning ICT with the objectives of your business.

Analysis and Strategy

The analysis and strategy service will help you effectively support new and future business requirements through the creation of conceptual strategies and routes to transform the current operational architecture and management of your network. The analysis and strategy service focuses on the four areas of Information Technology and Communication of main interest for your business, such as: Collaboration, interconnectivity, data center and physical infrastructure.

The service provides a guide to analyze the merits of various technological options and solutions that support the network planning strategy. The deliverables of the service are:

  • Introduce the value of a conceptual architecture in your organization.

  • Discuss your Technology and business requirements.

  • Review your current infrastructure, including your security strategy.

  • Document recommendations to migrate to a conceptual architecture for the Network.

Network Architecture Research

The service includes:

  • Architecture and Network Strategy Workshop: This workshop focuses on creating a strategic vision on the architecture of the network through aligning ICTs to business requirements. The deliverables of this service are:

    • Capture and review of business requirements and ICT strategy at a high level.

    • Capture and review the layers of the network (Core, distribution and access) as well as the current state of the network

    • at a high level, analyze and measure it comparatively according to best practices.

    • Formulate a conceptual architecture of the network.

This service reviews your current network architecture and identifies the areas that require updating to successfully transform your current architecture to one that aligns with your business. The deliverable of the service are:

  • Analyze and document your business profile, requirements and success measurement parameters according to the best practices in the sector.

  • Document your current network architecture.

  • Develop a high-level information gathering of the network and document the architecture strategy, identifying solutions and technologies that solve business challenges.

Network Architecture Evaluation:

When you have a route and a network strategy, everything is ready to proceed

with a detailed design and implement it successfully. This service guides and leads practical experiences to help you achieve your goals. The deliverable of the service are:

  • Map your business objectives and Technology requirements with a high-level network architecture design proposal.

  • Create a programmatic adoption that includes the sequence of events to introduce new technologies into the network, with recommended timelines to help ensure the stability and functionality of the platform.

  • Move your high-level design into a detailed design by developing low-level configuration templates, logical and physical topology diagrams and checklists.

  • Provide consultative support and technology transfer sessions during the implementation process.

Design and Planning of Network Architecture:


The technology valuation service allows our clients to determine the compliance of their network infrastructure with the best practices and policies of the sector, as well as their ability to support new technologies, applications or solutions.  In order to reduce development costs and delays in technological adoption, improve the ability of the operations team to support what is being introduced and budget more effectively, through the incremental identification of investment requirements.

The deliverables of the service are:
• Standards and best practices workshop.
• Data collection.
• Analysis of data.
• Report generation and presentation of results.
• Transformation proposal.


The design service will help you create a flexible, scalable and adaptable network architecture to support business solutions through the development of designs for your ICT, network infrastructure, applications, operational processes and network management.

The service will allow you to:
• Improve the security, scalability and performance of your network infrastructure.
• Accelerate the adoption of new technologies and improve the return on investment.
• Reduce expenses and time consumption by redesigns.
• Strengthen the knowledge of your design and operations team

The deliverables of the service are:

• Design of the IT infrastructure.

• Application design.

• Design of operations management.

• Design of service management.

• Business management design.

The benefits of our service include:

• Provide an IT infrastructure aligned to the business.

• Have IT operations management strategies.

• Conceptual design based on business needs.

• Long-term Network Planning.

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