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Sales applications.

RfQ’s automatically sent to your suppliers according to your stock levels.

Improve the performance of your purchases and inventories with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistics standards, sales orders, planned manufacturing orders etc. Select different replacement methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies.

Price lists of the supplier & product availability.

Make smart buying decisions by taking advantage of the best prices.


Easily import price lists and supplier references to make smarter purchase decisions based on special promotions, quantities and contractual terms. Keep track of the availability of a product in your supplier’s stock and check the status of your order from the application. You can even benchmark your selling price against your supplier’s prices.


Apps of Operations

Conceptualize the scope of the project with an easy to read overview.

A functional and dynamic graphical view for each task

Create graphical presentations to analyze your data using a very powerful search tool, filtering and grouping functions and a variety of visual interfaces to make it easier to track and maintain your projects at all levels.


Advanced features that are easy to implement

Use cutting edge automation and advanced routes to manage any warehouse.


Triangulation of Shipments

Cross Docking

Multi Warehouse

Marketing applications.

Organize, publish, promote, and sell.

Organize events that resonate with your audience.
Organize calendars & manage speakers.
Sell tickets online.
Ask the sponsors to come to you.
Total promotion tools.
Integration with Google Analytics and Seo.

Organize events that resonate with your audience.

Platform of event management all in one, able to manage events of any type and scale. Odoo Events covers all aspects of the work of an Event Planner, from the organization of events and ticket sales to visibility and promotion.







Websites Application

Forget the \n c <> 

Simply drag and drop business functions

Get everything your business needs from the start.

Create a website and then add features as you grow: jobs, e-commerce, customer portal, events, business blog, call to action, newsletter, etc.


Sale on line

  • E-commerce
  • eBay
  • Event Ticketsos

Full marketing package

  • Obtaining potential clients
  • Follow-up of potential clients
  • Live Chat
  • Massive Messages

Content Management

  • Blogs
  • Presentation
  • Forums, questions and answers

Link Functions for Companies

  • Recruitment
  • Support Service







Financial Applications

Convierta los presupuestos en facturas con el mínimo esfuerzo, facture automáticamente según órdenes de venta, órdenes de entrega, contratos o tiempo y material.

Simply create invoices based on the budgets you have sent to your customers.

Send original style invoices directly to your customers with just one click.

Send them automatically by e-mail in PDF attached and print them out or mail them.

Faster copper

Online payments and automated tracking.

Accept online payments via Paypal, Ingenico, Buckaroo, Stripe, Authorize.net, Atos Worldline or Adyen. Forget the hassles of sending reminders of late or pending payments. Automated tracking is very easy to set up and will help you streamline billing for fast and convenient payments.

compras cel

Simplify Your Accounting

Keep track of your banking movements and invoice status.


Use the status summary to track drafts, paid bills and unpaid bills. Automatically record all transactions in your bank accounts when importing and reconciling your bank statements.

Analyze Your Sales

Access detailed data for an overall picture.

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable control panels. Make your own definitions and analyze your billing by product, customer, seller etc.


Manufacturing Applications

A modern solution to an old problem.

No more manual time calculations

Precise planning based on measurement of actual manufacturing times.

All in one

MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM fully integrated.

Real time communication

Display worksheets, quality alerts to your workers during operations.

Automation of sales areas

Capture real time information through your computer using the API.

Everything you need in one software

Easy + Powerful = Tuned

Optimize stock levels

Through precise rules of fullfillment.

It uses manufacturing rules per order, minimum stock rules or the production schedule to automate the procurement. Let the system calculate everything automatically. Use routes, impediments and reception times to optimize the level of inventory and avoid running out of stock.

codigo de barras

Bar Code

Immediate operation.

Whether using batches, serial numbers or unidentified products, barcodes can be used to accelerate operations at each stage:

  • Reception control
  • Choose
  • Packaging
  • Work orders…and more!!

App of Human Resources

Manage your recruitment process, Organize the applications for your vacant jobs.

Easy selection processes

From source to contract, manage your selection process easily.


Configure your work bag, promote your work lists and easily control the applications submitted. Follow each candidate and build a database of features and profiles, with indexed documents. You don’t need to outsource your selection process – handle everything internally in a simple and professional way.

recu humanos

Search job vacancies from the application

See which channel runs the most apps and gather them all in Odoo.


A new e-mail address will be automatically assigned to each job offer, to direct each corresponding application.

If candidates contact you by email or using an online form, they automatically obtain all indexed data (resumes, business letters, etc.) and respond with just one click, using custom templates or emails.


Customize your selection process

Index resumes, track candidates, search profiles



Create your own hiring strategies.

Use the Kanban view and customize the steps of your selection processes: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. Get accurate statistics from your selection portfolio.

Use reports to compare the results of publications on different external workboards and easily change your selection strategy and plan, based on results.


Simplifies request management

Define your own stages and interviews.


Follow the candidates in your selection process with the smart Kanban view. Save time using templates to automate some communications. Documents such as CVs and business cards are indexed automatically, allowing you to easily search for specific knowledge and build a database of profiles.


Communication App

Private and integrated group chat with all modules

Engages in conversations with colleagues

A powerful tool of communication.

Encourage conversations between employees, managers and all levels of your company. Get a summary of the topics covered and all new messages, in the news update of the module.


Chat live from anywhere

Keep the talks open in other modules.

Change your conversation in a pop-up window to continue chatting with other Odoo modules.

Create private channels and groups

demo chat

Start a conversation with channels and allow any employee to join. Create private channels to invite only a select group of people.

Send notifications


Customize the way notifications are sent to minimize inbox pollution, while making sure important messages survive. Specify who gets which message and when.

Simple Signatures

Send, sign and approve documents online. Load your PDF and drag and drop fields easily.


Get signed documents faster

Simplify your processes, stimulate your productivity.

Odoo Sign is a quick and convenient way to send, sign and approve documents. Prepare contracts by dragging and dropping blocks that the parties will have to fill out, submit signature requests in seconds and follow up on submitted documents.

Unleash your growth potential