IPv6 Infrastructure

As we approach the date when the last IPv4 address will be assigned to a new subscriber at the regional level (RIR), service providers and large companies, must prepare to maintain and continue their growth. Billions of new devices such as mobile phones, portable multimedia devices, sensors and controllers will require Internet connectivity over the next five years. Cisco’s IPv6 Carrier-Grade solution (CGv6) we offer on Softnet is designed to help address these challenges.


With Cisco CGv6, you can:

  • Preserve investments in IPv4 infrastructure.
  • Prepare for smooth and gradual transition of IPv6 services that are interoperable with IPv4.
  • Adapt your Networks for the growth of devices and services that require the use of IPv6.
  • Generate IPv4 network compatibility with future IPv6 based networks.
  • Develop migration plans from IPv4 to IPv6.
The solutions scale for organizations of any size, with the latest innovations of the sector.