Analysis and Strategy

The analysis and strategy service will help you to effectively meet new and future business requirements through the creation of conceptual strategies and roadmaps for transforming your current business architecture and network management systems.

Our analysis and strategy service focuses on four business-critical IT&C areas including: Collaboration, Interconnectivity, Data Centers and Physical Infrastructure. This service includes:

  • Workshop on Network Architecture and Strategy: This workshop focuses on creating a strategic vision on how to align your IT&C network architecture with your business requirements. Service Deliverables include:
    • Capturing and reviewing your business requirements and IT&C strategy to take it to a high level.
    • Capturing and reviewing your network’s layers (core, distribution and access) and a determination of your network’s current status at a high level to conduct assessments and metrics through benchmarking with best practices.
    • Designing a conceptual network architecture.
  • Network Architecture Research: This service provides a guide to analyze the benefits and tradeoffs of the various technological solutions that will support the planning strategy for your network. Service deliverables include:
    • Leveraging the value of a conceptual architecture in your organization.
    • Discussing your technological and business requirements.
    • Reviewing your current infrastructure, including its security strategy.
    • Documenting recommendations to migrate to a conceptual architecture for the Network.
  • Assessment of the Network Architecture: Through this service we review your current network architecture and identify areas that require upgrades to successfully transition its current architecture to one that aligns with your business. Service deliverables include:
    • Analyzing and documenting your business’s profile, requirements and success metrics through benchmarking against the sector’s best practices.
    • Documenting your current network architecture.
    • Conducting high-level surveys on your network and documenting the appropriate architecture strategy by identifying solutions and technologies that effectively address critical business challenges.
  • Design and Planning of your Network Architecture: Once we have a network roadmap and strategy, we are ready to proceed with detailed design and implementation. This service we will guide you through the practical decisions to achieve of your goals. Service deliverables include:
    • Mapping your business goals and technology requirements to a proposal for a high-level network architecture.
    • Creating and adopting a programmatic approach that includes the sequence of events necessary to introduce new technologies in the network, with recommended timelines to help ensure the stability and functionality of your platform.
    • Translation of your high-level design into a detailed design by developing low-level configuration templates, logical and physical topology diagrams, and checklists.
    • PConsultative support and knowledge-transfer sessions during the implementation process.


The technology assessment service enables our clients to determine compliance of their network infrastructure against the best practices and policies in their sector, and the network’s ability to support new technologies, applications or solutions. When it comes to reducing development costs and time to bring new technology, we improve the operations team’s ability to support what it is that’s being introduced and also to budget more effectively by identifying incremental investment requirements. Service deliverables include:

  • Workshop on standards and best practices.
  • Data collection.
  • Data analysis.
  • Reporting and presentation of results.
  • Proposed transformation.


The design service will help you create a flexible, scalable and adaptable network architecture to support business solutions through the development of designs for your IT&C network infrastructure, applications, operational processes and network management. The Service enables you to:

  • Improve security, scalability and performance of your network infrastructure.
  • Accelerate adoption of new technologies and improve ROI.
  • Reduce costs and time-consuming redesigns.
  • Strengthen your team’s competencies on design and operations.

Service deliverables include:

  • IT infrastructure design.
  • Application design.
  • Operations Management Design.
  • Service Management Design.
  • Business Management Design.

The benefits of the service include:

  • An IT infrastructure aligned with your business.
  • Availability of managing strategies for IT operations.
  • Conceptual design based on your business needs.
  • Long-term network planning.