We offer a wide range of options for

communications  networks of both

companies and service providers.

Communications Networks  

We offer a wide range of options for Communications Networks, both business and service providers. The solutions scale for organizations of any size, with the latest innovations in the sector. Among our main products are:


We provide reliable switches for various high performance layer, distribution and core applications that, due to their small size and efficient operation.  


We offer modular integrated service routers to consolidate voice, video, security and data in a single device.  

Wireless networks

We offer solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, with autonomous Access Points, or managed through Wireless Controllers, which allows centralizing configuration, administration, security policies, Radio Frequency (RF) management, and wireless network monitoring. , achieving greater visibility and control.  

Bandwidth Management and Optimization

We offer solutions that optimize the use of WAN network bandwidth, through prioritization of critical applications, application acceleration, monitoring of bandwidth usage, type of applications, and traffic limitation, among others. Providing adequate quality of service for critical applications, and use of the bandwidth resource according to business needs.  

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