How integrated and automated cybersecurity can reduce the costs of small businesses

If you've ever been to a nightclub, then you probably met a goalkeeper or two. They are there for a good reason: a good eye and a good protection are the key to keeping the guests at the party.

The  cybersecurity  automated functions in their systems as they do guards  security  at a party or at a nightclub: it ensures that only guest entrance and monitors allow everyone in case of problems, quickly expelling an offensive part and ensuring that everyone else has fun (also known as uninterrupted business growth and profitability).

Specialized Cyber ​​Security

In this analogy, our group has defenders specialized in detecting and counteracting different threats. We take a look at three of them, along with their cybersecurity solutions counterparts.

The gorillas that block the entrance of the threatening guests.

In a party setting, this doorman would be stationed at the door, denying entry to people who have the potential to cause problems (such as those who have had an excess drink).

In the world of cybersecurity, this type of bouncer could be a firewall that protects the perimeter, ransomware protection, which is the ability to block fraudulent email senders or complete protection against Internet-based threats, such as  Cisco Umbrella  . 

Bouncers that continue to analyze and monitor behavior to detect malicious patterns.

At a party, a doorman can acquire a suspicious habit of a guest and monitor that guest to see if he poses a threat.

In the cyber world, it could be a tool that uses machine learning and behavioral modeling to understand who is online and what they are doing. It could also mean advanced malware protection for endpoints. Cisco AMP for Endpoints  is designed to address threats that attempt to circumvent the security of traditional endpoints, and continues to monitor every file and process activity, without ever losing sight of a file or where it is going. If a file begins to demonstrate malicious behavior, that file is marked and can be quarantined in the space of a few clicks.

Gorillas who take quick action once a threat occurs.

If a threat occurs, bouncers must have the tools to stop it quickly. That could mean expelling the user from a party or, in the case of cybersecurity, generating an alert that will take more specific actions. In the case of AMP for endpoints, this is designed to provide a holistic view of all endpoints, regardless of the operating system, and provides quick responses on the following:

  • What happened?
  • Where does malware come from?
  • Where has the malware been?
  • What is malware doing now?
  • How do we stop it?

Communication is key to fighting threats to cybersecurity.

As effective as prevention, detection and remediation solutions of this type are, they are decidedly less effective if they do not communicate with each other.

Just as bouncers who work at a party would be in constant contact with each other through internal devices   ,  cyber security solutions  must communicate with each other. When solutions  work together  , they can do a much better job to protect the organization in general. For example, if a threat is detected on the perimeter of the network, the entire integrated cybersecurity system is on high alert for that threat throughout the infrastructure.

And, of course, bouncers should also communicate with their colleagues who work elsewhere. In this way, they will identify people who try to break all the parties in the city or sneak in another way, and they will learn from the information shared about their common behavior and they will be better at detecting them.

Ensuring that your cybersecurity tools communicate with each other is much easier with an integrated portfolio, which allows you to add the tools you need at any time without worrying about communication between them. For example, if AMP for Endpoints collects a malicious file, it immediately shares this intelligence with both the cloud and the network.

With a fully integrated security solution, a threat to a part of the infrastructure will be protected throughout the organization.

The importance of integrated and automated security solutions.

Cisco's integrated portfolio includes everything a small business needs to prevent malware, keep hackers away from  internal networks  and data   , and protect cloud-based applications, endpoints and  email  .

That's important, because the bigger the party, the more gorillas you'll need. Therefore, the greater the threat, the more human resources you will need to keep your small business safe. And that increases the cost or risk, if it is not automated.

Security automation  will prioritize immediate and urgent threats to your IT team, letting low-level threats be resolved by AI advocates, focusing your team's attention on the benefits that could really harm your business. .

With a comprehensive and automated approach to security, small businesses can build customer confidence, focus on growth and reduce costs.

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