Information Security


VPN (Virtual Private Network):

It allows for interconnecting two or more geographically distant LAN networks over the Internet, allowing remote users to reliably and securely access the business’s computer resources from any device, including Android mobiles, and Apple iOS, among others, thus optimizing employee productivity.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS):

They provide comprehensive anticipatory intrusion prevention services, mitigating and identifying threats up in the application layer, including peer file sharing, and instant messaging, to stop a wide range of threats, protecting the company’s servers and infrastructure.

Content Monitoring

Allows you to restrict access based on applications and micro applications. In addition, specific behaviors can be controlled within the allowed applications.

Web Control and Filtering:

They allow the implementation of security policies based on reputation. Control access to websites through a robust URL filtering based on policies that can be differentiated by users and groups. In addition, security and web control through cloud-based services.

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