Network management

Intelligent network management

Main Characteristics

Intelligent management of the network consists of basic technical services such as direct access to the Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) and spare parts. In addition, it has access to a unique variety of intelligent services such as network monitoring, installed database management, device diagnostics, proactive notifications, assessments and repairs, disaster recovery tools, signature updates of intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and detailed reports, all provided through a single portal.

You can identify uncoated devices, plan maximum coverage and updates, risk assessment, and information to help clients comply with their corporate policies.

The hosted service portal notifies you if there is a problem with a covered device. Proactive product safety incident response team.

Notifications (PSIRT) are correlated with IntelliShield alerts to provide detailed information on security vulnerability.

The information is correlated with standard safety metrics and the best corrective actions recommended by the industry. End of life alerts are also sent.

The Intelligent Network Management Service allows for proactive and regular assessments of networks and provides essential information to help solve problems quickly.

These include a basic assessment of the state of a network to help ensure that all routers and switches in the network are optimally configured, security assessments to review compliance with best security practices.

Administration Service

The Intelligent Network Management Service provides proactive assessments of your network’s compatibility with new technologies, such as Unified Communications, through the use of network collectors who perform a thorough analysis of your network and ultimately determine whether it meets the requirements of bandwidth, service quality and processing power. Among others, they are necessary to provide voice services effectively. This service allows you to implement and support advanced services successfully.

Smart Tools

Intelligent disaster recovery tools from the network help ensure business continuity in the event of a major system interruption. The compiler backs up its configuration information for all devices, routers, switches and security devices running Cisco Catalyst operating system, Cisco IOS software, and Cisco Security Device Manager.

Service deliverables include:

Technology compatibility matrix.
Strategy to implement new technologies.
Real time network monitoring.
Recovery plan after a total interruption of service.
Network operating system upgrades.
Proactive network evaluation reports.

The benefits of our service include:

Proactive network management.
Quick resolution of problems.
Updating your platform.
Assurance of business continuity.
Network configuration backups.
Protection against malicious attacks.
The solutions scale for organizations of any size, write to us.